• Success at mobilizing the largest network of denominations and local churches towards the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Expertise in Savings Groups (VSLA) methodology and in the community-based campaign against HIV & AIDS
  • Dutabarane has developed good and numerous capacity building tools (e.g. training manuals) through its programs
  • Considerable success in  attracting donor funding
  • Collaboration and Ownership of Dutabarane programs by local churches
  • Key staff have embraced and understood Dutabarane’s Vision, Mission, and Corporate Values
  • Trust has been built through the organization’s collaborative initiatives with local and locally-based international organizations (IRC, WVI, FHI; WRB)
  • Good reputation regarding program performance and quality as seen from results of external evaluations

Dutabarane’s values-driven approach has continued to attract beneficiaries even though, for instance, the organization insists on cost-sharing some components of its programs, e.g. VSLAs paying for the cost of kits and materials.